Friday, May 29, 2015

I'll take a Rain Check! Update..I got a Shout - Out from Scout&Nibble 4 this Project!!

   Last Friday 4/6 Scout&Nibble twitted this Project..Woot!                  
It stopped raining for 5 mins!

I Love a rainy day now and again's been raining here for over 2 weeks! The plus side I haven't had to water my flowers or garden via my hose since I planted them.We have a saying around here in Iowa " knee high by the 4th of July " the corn will surely be beyond that with all the rain. By this time the Mr. and I have usually gotten in 3 to 4 outdoor flea markets,instead they been a wash out.So I have do to the next best thing and feed my need to nest and create with local indoors options.I spotted these common place mats at the Goodwill and instantly thought of using them for an outdoor rug.
Goodwill only .75 total $3.75


                                                                                 I arranged them in the order I like,then hot glued 4 of the 5 together.I choose to cut off the trim on the 5th to to add on the sides where there were gaps.Lastly I polyed both front and back to protect it from the elements.Really pleased with the end results.
Texture + thrifty = Happy Girl

Now I just need it to stop raining and according to the forecast not anytime soon.When it dose I will share pic's of it on my deck.Oh yes it's starting to pour again.Smile.Cindy

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Are We There Yet???

I suck when it come to Patience and I pray everyday to get better at it ..No kidding.Like the title to the Movie and the never ending shouts from my kids in the backseat when they were little my poor Mr. has had to deal with my asking repeatedly..Are we there yet.Last summer we embarked on giving our bedroom walls a makeover with pallet wood for a farmhouse feel,wwwaayyy easier said then done! In the heat and high humidity that Iowa is famous for (we grow big corn here) he and I processed to rip apart pallet after pallet nail after nail along with white washing and hanging..Ugh x 2.Of the 4 walls we choose to leave 2 untouched and I'm glad we did, if not this would surely have been the " Never Ending that..Sorry I had to.Now lets fast forward to the present and with just 1 small section of the last wall to go we need to get at it. Summer is approaching fast and unlike lasts year sweat fest we need to take full advantage of the mild temps.Were more then ready to finish up this almost year long project.Looking back to the achy backs, sore hands and heat its been worth it just in the money we saved alone. This very Budget-Friendly option took  2 gallons of paint and was the only purchase we made. All the pallets were FREE! In the first pic is a stamp that was already on the pallet and we knew had to save it. Placed above the closet the #3 is our lucky number.I used a piece of wood saved from the ordinal closet to make a shelve and vintage window locks painted gold to hang the arrow swag from."Every Face has a Story was a free printable from Jenna at "Rain on a Tin Roof" Blog, go check her out she's a Hoot.My Mr. will surely be relieved when were done,he's worked so hard but was in it whole-hearted.I Love the rustic feel and can't wait to do up the bed and finish the curtains to give you a final peek. We are almost there and all in all the trip hasn't been that bad. Smiles.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

I Won....Now I need Your Help!

Yes I Won!!
 happy oh happy dance....So back at the first year I enter a giveaway for an Ikea RASKOG cart and to tell ya the truth I totally forgot about it. Well no surprise there because I can walk into a room and forget why I came in,Yikes. After filling out the paperwork and a week or 2 of waiting it arrived at my door this morning..again little bit of a happy dance going on at the Haven.It was easy to put together and as soon as I did I began to roll it from place to place trying it out here and there, then back over to where I started from.I finally decided I want to use it in a little spot between my kitchen and dining area.Now here's where I need Your help,I was thinking of making it my coffee station as I have limited counter space,what do you think my friends?Where would you use it and what would you put in it? I'm open for suggestions and would love your to hear your comments.
                                   Can ya'll help a Gal out,Smiles Cindy                                  
                  In Love with this Color..................      

Monday, April 13, 2015

Easy Breezy Painting &Stripping with HomeRight

Porch paint booth

Hi, My name's Cindy and I'm always painting something! Walls,ceilings,chairs,lamps,cabinets,stairs,tables,decor and yes more walls. 
                               Do I like to paint..not so much.

It's hard on My back, My neck and now My hands,so why do I do it endlessly, I love the outcome,the gratification from it, creating something new and beautiful. Could there be just a tad of O.C.D. present too.. Umm..Pretty sure.

So then why did I wait so long to try out the HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Paint Sprayer..You got Me! 
Easy to follow instructions,I was painting everything I had put off and then some within minutes.Clean-up was a breeze too, just warm soapy water for this project.

The time saved alone is a Win Win in My book,verses using a brush.One coat was enough.

My Mr. aka Troy got these amazing black metal stools on sale and knew I would love them, just not the color. He knows Me well and that I would be willing to change-up the color. So they were added to the to-do list of paint projects,until now.
Easy Peasey!
I'm so Happy with the results and can't wait to start on the second half.This is a 2 part project and the next step is My kitchen Island. I'm cringing as I show the second picture,Yikes!  A staple in Our kitchen for almost 10 years now,she's a combo of a computer desk,reclaimed wood and rolling wheels from a big screen t.v. came you believe it.                           

Make Me Pretty Again!
Enter  the HomeRight Digital Temperature Heat Gun.Another easy to use tool I been playing around with.

I can't wait to show all the progress in a future post.In the meantime I'll be painting away and stripping the island with No chemicals to boot..Loving that.


        Disclosure:  All opinions are 100% mine.   
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stella &Dot Jewelry and Extra Money! Win Win!

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Love Stella & Dot jewelry and the idea of earning extra income? Well then you should consider becoming a personal Stylist with Stella & Dot! While we all love jewelry (and money!), being a Stylist is about so much more. It's about having the freedom to style your own life and truly enjoy your work. If any of those things intrigue you, then April just might be the month for you to pursue your passion for style.

From now through April 30th, anyone who signs up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist will receive $450 in free jewels and accessories(normally $350)! Not to mention that they'll also get ... 
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To learn more and sign up, go to

It's never too late to style your life the way you want it.
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Rustic Spring Simplicity

What a Amazing week this has been! I was off for Spring Break at work,The Mr. and I celebrated 3 years of Wedded Bliss by taking a trip out of town and worked Our way through some of our Favorite Thrift Stores,Junk Shops and Flea Markets.We ate way to many "Goodies" but told Ourselves we walk off most of it,I swear! I had some much needed time with just Me,Myself and I so that I could work on projects and change out decor.
                                                         I saved the wood pieces from an old vintage window seen here, I just added some vintage candle cups along with moss,Blue Easter eggs,Deer shed and Sphere.  Rustic Simplicity...I have a total of $1.00 invested.Love it

Time worn,that's Perfection!
 Spring/Easter Combo

The sun shining bright,the temps are expected to reach into the 70's Birds are singing outside My Window. Easter's just days away and this Girl's feeling content! Hope You are too. Smiles

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

True&Co Spring Blues Gorgeous Bras for warmer Weather!

Spring Blues from True&Co.
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

With warmer weather comes tanks, dresses, and short-sleeved shirts, which means that the bra you're wearing becomes more important than ever! True&Co.'s bras in blue are the perfect way to transition from winter to spring. Not only are they gorgeous, but the colors are reminiscent of the ocean, blue sky, and even robin's eggs! So be you in beautiful blue from True&Co.'s special spring styles, including:
  • The Coquette Bra bra by Montelle. It's sexy, stylish, supportive, and one of True&Co.'s best selling styles. This bra is highly recommended for fuller busts.
  • Another best-seller, Feathers T-Back Bra is a gorgeous, comfortable racerback that is a must-have essential for any bra wardrobe.
  • The Across The Universe Bra bra. Fortunately you won't have to go far in order to get your very own. This essential seaport blue push-up bra has beautiful stripe details and soft slightly padded demi cups with C-curve technology that provide just the right amount of lift from the sides and below.
  • The Hidden Glamour Bra bra is the perfect t-shirt bra with lightly padded cups and lace trim that lays flat and looks smooth under thin tops and blouses.

Special Spring Blues Selection

Coquette Bra

Feathers T-Back Bra

Hidden Glamour Bra
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Step-Ladder Upcylcle ~ Treasure Saved

My Sweet little step-ladder served Me well,it had been part of my kitchen decor then out in the garden holding plants and flowers.The top step and some of the screws came loose from age and weather. It was time to bid it farewell...Ya Right! What to do,What to do?? it just so happen that the basket I used for dirty laundry had seen better days also and I needed a "Pretty Place" to put our dirty laundry. While out thrifting I came across this striped laundry bag for $3 still in the package,I love stripes so I scooped it up, now I just needed something to hold it upright.
Enter the broken little step-ladder,perfect to hold the laundryy Bag!

Originally Red and White

Stripes..Yes Please!

No.1 and 2 for Pizzazz

Some silver metallic numbers stenciled on the steps after a coat of white paint.

I placed the bag inside and just folded it over and Viola!
Saved from the Trash

I Love how it came out and it will be part of another post when My Bathroom Makeover is complete. Can't wait to show You.
Have You saved something from the trash and gave it a new life..Comment below I'd Love to hear about it.
Till next time..Smiles.
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Fever...Fever!

Oh Good Grief..the flu bug hit the Haven and knocked the Mr. and Myself right off our feet and into fever,chills, and loss of day and time Comas. No kidding friends this was the only time I have seen My best pal ssooo sick! It was a scary time and now were coming around slowly and I'm bored.So I knew just what to to make Myself feel better,I dug out My Easter decor today and after a short time of trying out this here and that there,I quickly realized I  wasn't quite ready to be doing much of anything. Simplicity it was going to be and this is what I got....

The end result was this Little Vignette ,quick and easy and with a bit of Picmonkey magic! A Vintage bottle wrapped in some Vintage lace an add in of silk flowers from My stash,a Chalk painted pic from last year with a Fave saying, a Metal Cross that normally graces the garden., and lastly some Vintage Sheet Music and a page from a French poem book that I added a Crown to because He is King.

I Love Easter and always host a Candy Bar and Egg Coloring day with the Grand Kids,it something we all look forward to and this year won't be any different.
So 2 weeks from today we will gather here at the Haven and fill our tummy's with lots of sugar-filled goodies and with our color stained fingers.. laugh, talk about past Easters and look forward to Sunday Service,the Hunt and Ham to follow and pray for a calm and warm day.
Life is good and so are meds because it's time again to take some!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Stella&Dot Summer Capsule Collection,Chic Treands for Warmer Weather

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Summer style has a way of speaking right to your heart – no other season can bring out so much excitement and joy! Get a jump start on your warm weather wardrobe by shopping the Summer Capsule Collection from Stella & Dot. You’ll get the latest trends and the chicest pieces before they become crowd favorites! A few of my personal faves, including the versatile Kaia earrings that you can wear multiple ways, are below!
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